Blind Joe – I Will Not Comply!

Mirrored from Blind Joe, 21-2-2021 (2:29). STUDIO VERSION IS LIFE!!!🤠🤗 Thank you all very sincerely for your continued support! I hope you enjoy our antiestablishment anthem!!!… Lyrics I will not comply Quit tryin ta take me to task cuz I don’t wanna wear a mask or take a vaccine that could maybe make me […]

Massive Worldwide Freedom Rally Compilation: France, Italy, Switzerland, Australia, United States and more on October 23rd

Mirrored from Tim Truth, 24-10-2021 (95min): Join our leading researchers on to find the best videos from across the censorship-resistant internet platforms like Odysee, Rumble, LBRY, Bitchute & Brighteon. Add me on these great platforms: and

James Corbett with Iain Davis Dissecting the Pseudopandemic, New Normal Technocracy

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 17-10-2021 (52min). Iain Davis of joins us to discuss his new book, Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy. In this conversation Davis lays out the copious documentation demonstrating how the pseudopandemic was generated, identifies the larger agenda behind the push toward implementing the technocratic biosecurity state and talks about what we […]

Australia – 1200 Police Officers Suspended, Without Pay, For Refusing The Injection

Mirrored from Angel Realm, 3-10-2021 (2min): Angel Realm:

“The Great Reset is gedoemd te falen” – Willem Engel met Paul Frijters, welzijnseconoom en schrijver ‘The Great Covid Panic’

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 4-10-2021 (51min). Paul Frijters heeft jarenlang in Australie gewerkt en is nu als professor verbonden aan de Londen School of Economics. Zijn PhD ging over Rusland ten tijde van de transitie. Paul heeft 150 artikelen op zijn naam staan en hoort bij de 1% meest geciteerde economen. Willem Engel praat met de […]

South Africa – “Vaccine passports remind me of apartheid” – Reverend Kenneth Meshoe, ACDP

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 2-10-2021 (45min). Kenneth Rasalabe Joseph Meshoe (born 18 January 1954) is a South African evangelist, politician, reverend and teacher. He has been serving as the inaugural leader of the African Christian Democratic Party, a Christian democratic political party, since 1993. He became a Member of Parliament in 1994 and has since […]

The Big Lie – How To Enslave The World – Academy of Ideas

Mirrored from Academy of Ideas, 30-9-2021 (12min): Become a Supporting Member, access 57+ membership videos (more added each month) ► Join via Paypal or Credit Card or with Bitcoin/Monero Paypal (One-Time Donations) ► Get the transcript (and a gallery to the art) ► Follow us on Instagram: Podcast: Subscribe to […]

Utrecht, 29-9: “Schaam je kapot, schaam je kapot!” Politie verwijdert vreedzame vrijdenkers en sluit Waku Waku!

Gespiegeld van De Kapitein, 29-9-2021 (8min): Bron: Albert Zandbergen De Kapitein: