Wellness = Water series Episode 8: Nicholas Jones with Tom Cowan – Into the Heart of the Matter

Mirrored from TRAK Kayaks, 16-12-2020 (62min). In the eighth episode of the Wellness Equals Water series, we are going inward to the heart (of the matter). There is a lot to water as it relates to its impact on our wellness and vitality. It very well may be a lot more than most of us […]

Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer (1991) – Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 18-10-2022 (49min). Grayfield Optical presents ‘Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer’. Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu – Our Blood Microbes Change Shape and Action A scientific film by Bernd Muschlien and Kurt Olbrich (1991) Released to the public on DVD in 2006. VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@dharmabear:2/Symbiosis-or-Parasitism-A-Treatise-on-Cancer-Muschlien-Olbrich-1991-2006:4 Video Overview by Amandha Vollmer: “What are the […]

“I’ve never seen anything like this” – Dr Zandré Botha @ Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 2-10-2021 (14min). A lawyer (Riekie Erasmus) and a doctor (Zandré Botha) express concern over what they found in vaccinated blood. VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@jermwarfare:2/riekie-zandre:4 https://www.drzandrebotha.comhttps://covidcarealliance.com Jerm Warfare: https://odysee.com/@jermwarfare:2