A Tale Of Two Protests – Hugo Talks

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Ryan Cristian with Alison Morrow – “Cease Your Content Or Loose Your Job” How C-19 Destroyed The Illusion

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 30-10-2021 (42min). Joining me today is Alison Morrow, here to discuss how she was just fired from her job after being given an ultimatum: cease your personal content creation or you will be fired. Not only is this a gross violation of her 1st Amendment rights, but it appears […]

Carl Vernon – Nurses Sacked / Dogs Put Down / Guy Gets QR Tattoo / Fawlty Towers Cancelled, John Cleese Hits Back

Mirrored from Carl Vernon: Nurses SACKED in Ireland 🇮🇪 For Not Having Jab 💉: https://odysee.com/@CarlVernon:7/nurses-sacked-in-ireland-%F0%9F%87%AE%F0%9F%87%AA-for:3? UNREAL 🤬 Dogs PUT DOWN 🇦🇺 Because… You Know: https://odysee.com/@CarlVernon:7/unreal-%F0%9F%A4%AC-dogs-put-down-%F0%9F%87%A6%F0%9F%87%BA:8? JAB TAT 🤦‍♂️ Guy Gets QR Code Tattooed on Arm 🥴 to Use McDonalds 🍔: https://odysee.com/@CarlVernon:7/jab-tat-%F0%9F%A4%A6%E2%80%8D%E2%99%82%EF%B8%8F-guy-gets-qr-code:7? Fawlty Towers CANCELLED 🤨 John Cleese Hits Back: https://odysee.com/@CarlVernon:7/fawlty-towers-cancelled-%F0%9F%A4%A8-john-cleese:c? Exclusive and uncensored content: https://www.carlvernon.comOrder […]