NEVER FORGET – Dayz of Noah

Mirrored from Yabba, 22-9-2022 (31min). What a ride! VIDEO: Website: Source:

Global Walkout – Step 3 announced by Dan Astin-Gregory: Avoid Mainstream Media

Mirrored from Yabba, 19-9-2022 (2min). We are honored to have Dan Astin-Gregory announce step no.3 of the GLOBAL WALKOUT The third step of the global walkout is to unsubscribe from all mainstream media outlets. Delete the apps from your phone, laptop and tablet and unfollow all of their social media and YouTube channels. Try to […]

Aangifte Hugo de Jonge (vervolg) – Max von Kreyfelt en Mordechai Krispijn

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 7-9-2022 (21min). Mordechai Krispijn heeft in het najaar 2021 mensen opgeroepen om aangifte te doen tegen Hugo de Jonge in verband met zijn uitspraak over de ongevaccineerden: “We weten namelijk inmiddels vrij goed en vrij precies per postcode waar ze wonen.” Als minister voor alle Nederlanders hoor je zo een uitspraak niet […]

WHO’s International “Pandemic Accord” Is Coming & Manufactured Problems Meet Preplanned Solutions – The Last American Vagabond

Mirrored from TLAV, 5-9-2022 (90min). Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. (Discussion about a Global Pandemic Treaty starts at 46min.) VIDEO: All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American […]

Wednesday Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan – Everything you need to know about “PCR-Tests”

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 24-12-2022 (61min). In this webinar, I covered everything you need to know about PCR “Tests”. I reviewed an article during my discussion; it can be found here:

Once were the Living – Spacebusters

Mirrored from Spacebusters, 4-2-2021 (115min). The story of the 4th Industrial Modified Reset Man. What’s been put up your nose in nano dust “test swabs” and in your mRNA, 4th Industrial Revolution, Great Reset, how the nano dust tech works, it’s all in there. VIDEO: To buy our merchandise and help promote our channel, […]

Dr. Mike Yeadon, Former V.P. at Pfizer, concludes: “There Are No Respiratory Viruses!”

Mirrored from Dr. Andrew Kaufman, 4-8-2022 (2min). In this short clip, Dr. Mike Yeadon describes the exaggerated health threat called “COVID” and explains that although people do get ill, there is no such thing as a respiratory virus. VIDEO:

UN Declares War on “Conspiracy Theories”, Launching #ThinkBeforeSharing Campaign – Press For Truth

Mirrored from PressForTruth, 2-8-2022 (23min). “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. – George Orwell (1984) The United Nations has declared war on conspiracy theories, describing the rise of conspiracy thinking as “worrying and dangerous”. UNESCO has teamed up with Twitter, the European Commission and the World Jewish Congress to launch the […]

Biochemistry Debunks C-19 – Spacebusters

Mirrored from Spacebusters, 3-2-2021 (50min). Germ theory and Covaids 19 hoax destroyed. VIDEO: To buy our merchandise and help promote our channel, click here:

‘Wetenschap als nieuwe religie’ – Flavio Pasquino met Prof. Dr. Ronald Meester @ BlckbxTV

Gespiegeld van BlckbxTV, 26-7-2022 (64min). Corona legde de spirituele schaarste in de samenleving bloot, volgens prof. dr. Ronald Meester. Hij schreef er het boek ‘Wetenschap als nieuwe religie’ over, dat hij in een boeiend gesprek met programmamaker Flavio Pasquino uitgebreid toelicht. Het idee dat wetenschap de plaats heeft ingenomen van religie is niet nieuw. “Dat […]