Jerm Warfare with Edward Dowd on his new book Cause Unknown ~ The Epidemic of Sudden Deaths in 2021 & 2022

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 8-1-2023 (53min). There has been a spike in deaths but the establishment is in denial, blaming climate change and everything other than the jab. VIDEO: Full show description: Support my work: View my sponsors:

CDC Finally Released Its VAERS Safety Monitoring Analyses for C-19 Vaccines via FOIA – Daily Clout

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Ad Verbrugge met Theo Maassen over humor in tijden van censuur – De Nieuwe Wereld

Gespiegeld van De Nieuwe Wereld, 29-12-2023 (72min). Ad Verbrugge in gesprek met cabaretier en podcastmaker Theo Maassen over humor in tijden van censuur. “Ik zie het als mijn taak om te prikken in het dominante verhaal.” 0:00 intro 0:14 Oproep tot steun 01:25 Humor en censuur 07:03 Taak van de cabaretier 15:11 Humor als sublimatie […]

C-19 Vaccines – Consequences On The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death – Article by Bernhard Guenther

Mirrored from Veil of Reality, 24-5-2022. Article: Source: Related tweet:

Torsten Engelbrecht with Stefano Scoglio – “That mRNA “vaccines” cause cells to produce spike proteins is a fairy tale”

Interview on Transition TV, mirrored from Off-Guardian, 7-11-2022. Transcript and VIDEO (31min):

Long Covid Propaganda – Hugo Talks

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Warning! Fluoride In Your Water – Dr. Sam Bailey

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey, 15-11-2022 (42min). Warning! Fluoride In Your Water VIDEO:!-Fluoride-In-Your-Water:5 Full show notes and references 👉 Leave me a tip! Monero 👉 4ADKsKsEx6c8Y8g1dSVd7vUR27JnbER5R2jUTkUuKFddSKVsmnxR9AFedzHhMH4P4vePK3SbVZgMzWik423Nno7fBuH3oo3 Virus Mania Paperback: Telegram:

Children’s Health Defense ‘Tea Time’ (Ep. 58) with Dr. Michael Yeadon – Enormous Danger & UN Agenda 2030

Mirrored from CHD, 31-10-2022 (67min). VIDEO:

Those Injured By C-19 Jabs Are Being Ignored, Ridiculed & Suppressed – Ryan Cristian with Adam Rowland @ TLAV

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 3-11-2022 (79min). Joining me today on Moving Target is Adam Rowland MSc, a physiotherapist, rehabilitator, and strength & conditioning trainer for 16yrs in professional sports. Adam is here to discuss his shocking experience with the COVID-19 injections, and what he has been forced to endure simply for trying to […]

Dissolving (Vaccine) Illusions, Part 1 – Daniel Roytas with Roman Bystrianyk – The Humanley Show

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 28-9-2022 (102min). Uploaded May 19, 2022. Dissolving Illusions – Part 1 – Roman Bystrianyk interviewed by Daniel Roytas. The Humanley Show – Episode 53 “Roman Bystrianyk has been researching the history of diseases and vaccines since 1998. He has an extensive background in health and nutrition as well as a B.S. in […]