New Age Voodoo & Shamans at Davos World Economic Forum 2022 – #Hugo Talks

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Astrid Struckelberger on the WHO’s ‘Pandemic Treaty’ – Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 14-4-2022 (42min). Astrid Stuckelberger is an international health scientist with more than 25 years of experience behind her. But the part I like is that she has also worked for the World Health Organisation (WHO) for many years, and has an intricate understanding of how the organisation operates. She joined me […]

James Corbett with Ian Davis on The New World Order and How to Oppose It

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 31-3-2022 (39min). VIDEO: Full Show Notes:

I Read The Great Narrative (So You Don’t Have To!) – James Corbett

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 18-2-2022 (60min). Remember when the World Economic Forum held a conference on “The Great Narrative”? And remember when Klaus Schwab threatened to release a book on the topic? Well, guess what? It’s heeeere. That’s right, I read The Great Narrative and now I’m spilling the beans on the globalists plans […]

Kees van der Pijl @ Jerm Warfare on the globalist wars being waged upon us

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 14-2-2022 (72min). Kees van der Pijl was a professor of international politics at the University Of Sussex. He discusses why the current “pandemic” is fraudulent; why it’s a cover for global political seizure of power; why the “health emergency” is just a proxy for the new digital identity control grid; and […]

Patrick Wood on technocracy and the globalist agenda – Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 23-1-2022 (87min). Patrick Wood is an author and expert on technocracy. His book, Technocracy, is one of my favourites. It gives the best overview of everything that is happening in the world right now, and it includes the historical context too, which is obviously important. In our conversation, Patrick chats about […]

Leslie Manookian at Wise Traditions 2021 on What We Face

Mirrored from Westonaprice, 2-12-2021 (118min). Leslie Manookian of the Health Freedom Defense Fund presents “What We Face: The Installation of a Fascist Bio-Security State.”

Resistance Is Imperative – A Great Debate On Dismantling “The New Normal” Nightmare

Mirrored from Yabba, 26-11-2021 (106min):–A-panel-discussion-on-dismantling-the-_New-Normal-nightmare:6 Featuring guests:Dr. Piers Robinson – @PiersRobinson1Max Blumenthal – @MaxBlumenthalCory Morningstar – @elleprovocateurNick Hudson – @NickHudsonCTWhitney Webb – @_whitneywebbRyan Christian – @YoureAllDuncesRick Munn – @noreward_norisk Source:

“The Great Reset is gedoemd te falen” – Willem Engel met Paul Frijters, welzijnseconoom en schrijver ‘The Great Covid Panic’

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 4-10-2021 (51min). Paul Frijters heeft jarenlang in Australie gewerkt en is nu als professor verbonden aan de Londen School of Economics. Zijn PhD ging over Rusland ten tijde van de transitie. Paul heeft 150 artikelen op zijn naam staan en hoort bij de 1% meest geciteerde economen. Willem Engel praat met de […]