James Corbett with Iain Davis Dissecting the Pseudopandemic, New Normal Technocracy

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 17-10-2021 (52min). Iain Davis of In-This-Together.com joins us to discuss his new book, Pseudopandemic: New Normal Technocracy. In this conversation Davis lays out the copious documentation demonstrating how the pseudopandemic was generated, identifies the larger agenda behind the push toward implementing the technocratic biosecurity state and talks about what we […]

The HighWire – The Turning Point

Watch episode 237 of The HighWire here: https://thehighwire.com/watch/ It’s Mandate Mayhem! Southwest Airlines in Disarray; Is Biden’s Vaccine Order Legal?; The Pushback Against Tyranny Goes Viral!; Tech CEO’s New Mandate-Free Job Site Guests: Tammy Clark, Kristen Meghan, Andrew Crapuchettes

De macht van de onzichtbare bankiers – Peter Toonen met Lucas Hollertt @ Weltschmerz Boeken

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 17-10-2021 (47min). Onder het pseudoniem B.Izar publiceerde Lucas Hollertt in 2016 het boek ‘De macht van de onzichtbare bankiers’, dat in 2020 een derde herziene druk kreeg. In dit interview vertelt de auteur hoe hij na zijn ondernemerspensioen tot het schrijven van dit boek kwam nadat hij ontdekte hoe bizar (vandaar zijn […]

The Shifting Political Landscape Of The C-19 Deception – Ryan Cristian with Jimmy Dore @ TLAV

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 13-10-2021 (56min). Joining me today is Jimmy Dore, here to discuss his evolving perspective on COVID-19, the many ways in which we are being deceived around it, and what we see coming just around the corner. VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@TLAVagabond:5/Jimmy-Dore-Interview-10-13-21:b Source Links Can Be Found Here:
https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/jimmy-dore-interview-shifting-political-landscape-covid-19-deception Want to send a check […]

Australia – Cop describes why she quit Victoria Police over tyrannical enforcement

Mirrored from Angel Realm, 11-10-2021 (1:28): https://brandnewtube.com/watch/cop-describes-why-she-quit-victoria-police-over-tyrannical-enforcement_Ay3fUScfKPPnorL.html Angel Realm: https://brandnewtube.com/@AngelRealm

Big Data will read Your Mind and predict Your Behaviour – Jerm Warfare with Patrick Fagan, Behavioural Scientist

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 12-10-2021 (37min). Behavioural scientist and former Cambridge Analytica lead psychologist, Patrick Fagan, chats about how our personal data is captured and used against us for the purposes of money, surveillance, and control. He also worries about the vaccine passports and the violation of our personal freedoms that accompanies them. VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@jermwarfare:2/patrick-fagan:2 […]

Ryan Cristian with Whitney Webb – Facebook “Whistleblower”, Ending Anonymity & Moderna’s Hail Mary

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 8-10-2021 (75min). Joining me today is Whitney Webb, here to discuss her recent article on Moderna, as well as our previous discussion around your anonymity and privacy, and how these concepts are on the way out in lieu of a “reimagining” of our world where these concepts are a […]

Nick Hudson interview by Taylor Hudak @ The Last American Vagabond

Mirrored from TLAV, 8-10-2021 (57min). Joining me today is Nick Hudson, Co-Founder & Chairman of PANDA (Pandemics ~ Data & Analytics), here to discuss COVID-19 from a statistical perspective, as well as the ongoing ideological battle within this country that COVID-19 has clearly exacerbated. This has given rise to a new arm of this extreme […]

Persconferentie en livestream kort geding Maes/Lenting vs. de Staat der Nederlanden inzake de C-19 pas

Gespiegeld van Blckbx TV, 22 en 29-9-2021. Persconferentie 22-9: https://odysee.com/@BLCKBX:2/persconferentie-maes-law-vs.-de-2:c Afgelopen donderdag kondigden de eisers (Bart Maes en Elke Lenting) hun pleitnota al in grote lijnen aan, middels een persconferentie inclusief LIVESTREAM vanuit Amsterdam. Advocaat Bart Maes en Elke Lenting voeren een kort geding tegen de Staat de Nederlanden inzake de – zaterdag 25 september […]