Niet vergeten – Column Ad Nuis @ Weltschmerz

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 14-11-2022 (18min). Vorige week was ik een paar dagen bij mijn zoon en zijn vriendin in Oost-Groningen. Kippen voeren, wandelen met de honden en sightseeing in Delfzijl. We spraken met wat hangbejaarden op een bankje langs de Eems. “Delfzijl zien en sterven aan Zee “zei een van hen toen we afscheid namen. […]

Dr. Vernon Coleman on Patrick Henningsen Show ~ TNT Radio

Mirrored from Yabba, 21-10-2022 (38min). VIDEO: Sources / Download / More Episodes:

Dissolving (Vaccine) Illusions, Part 1 – Daniel Roytas with Roman Bystrianyk – The Humanley Show

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 28-9-2022 (102min). Uploaded May 19, 2022. Dissolving Illusions – Part 1 – Roman Bystrianyk interviewed by Daniel Roytas. The Humanley Show – Episode 53 “Roman Bystrianyk has been researching the history of diseases and vaccines since 1998. He has an extensive background in health and nutrition as well as a B.S. in […]

WEF – “C-19 Has Been One Of The Most Profitable Products Ever!”

Mirrored from Black Lab Media, 26-5-2022 (min). “COVID has been one of the most profitable products ever… every 30 hours a new billionaire was minted during the pandemic”. Notice she said covid was a profitable product, not the vaccine. Woman gleefully made that statement on panel with CEO of Moderna at World Economic Forum, Davos […]

Vaxx Propaganda and Adverse Effects – Teaser for Plandemic 3 (Fall 2022)

Mirrored from Wake Up Mirror, 20-9-2022 (8min). VIDEO: Source: Teaser For Plandemic 3 Initially made aware of through Max Igan: The Governments War on Children On Odysee / LBRY:The Governments War on Children

Will Civilization Collapse? – Academy of Ideas

Mirrored from Academy of Ideas, 20-9-2022 (14min). VIDEO: Become a Supporting Member and access 14 courses and total 68 videos available only to Members ► Prefer to Support us with a One-Time Donation?Paypal ► Bitcoin: 1P6ntukFENP1nvEf4bJNj3tsDEuiSyUFW6 Get the transcript: Twitter – […]

How India Is Fighting Bill Gates and Injection Injuries – Derrick Broze with Yohan Tengra

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance, 16-9-2022 (22min). Joining me today is returning guest Yohan Tengra to discuss his involvement in a recent lawsuit relating to vaxx injuries. Yohan will also share what Bill Gates has to do with the lawsuit. VIDEO: See our previous interviews: The Conscious Resistance Network is an independent media […]

Johnny Vedmore on the history of Klaus Schwab – Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 12-9-2022 (88min). Before this fake pandemic, I had pretty much no idea who Klaus Schwab is. I mean, I had heard of the World Economic Forum (WEF), but didn’t think much of – or about – them. VIDEO: FULL DESCRIPTION: SUPPORT MY WORK:

Between the Bands

Mirrored from Deirdre May, 24-4-2021 (73min). This film explores questions relating to HIV and Aids, particularly regarding the epidemiological representation in South Africa. Between the Bands blog: This film can also be viewed with Russian subtitles: To watch a supplementary featuring attorney and former magistrate Anthony Brink, who provides a broad history of […]