How the Cancer Industry Started Cut Poison Burn Protocol – Documentary (2010)

Mirrored from Sad Lad, 28-3-2017 (88min). This hard-hitting documentary, Cut Poison Burn, takes a rare look at what happens when a cancer patient questions the “standard of care” and attempts to make personal choices promising the best results for the patient and not the cancer industry. U.S.’s War on Cancer lead to almighty dollar Sadly, […]

Dr. Sam Bailey with Jim West on The Toxicology Taboo

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey, 1-11-2022 (54min). Jim West Interview: The Toxicology Taboo VIDEO: Shownotes 👉 Leave me a tip! 👉 Monero 👉 4ADKsKsEx6c8Y8g1dSVd7vUR27JnbER5R2jUTkUuKFddSKVsmnxR9AFedzHhMH4P4vePK3SbVZgMzWik423Nno7fBuH3oo3 Virus Mania Paperback: Telegram:

The Cause of All Diseases, Part 2: Royal Rife

Mirrored from Mig Mag, 26-9-2022 (29min). The Cause of All Diseases, Part 2 You cannot ‘catch’ germs, bacteria or viruses Louis Pasteur’s “Germ Theory of Disease” proved incorrect A presentation based on the work of Bee Wilder, 2006 Note: At the time this presentation was prepared and recorded, I was not aware that Gaston Naessens […]

Between the Bands

Mirrored from Deirdre May, 24-4-2021 (73min). This film explores questions relating to HIV and Aids, particularly regarding the epidemiological representation in South Africa. Between the Bands blog: This film can also be viewed with Russian subtitles: To watch a supplementary featuring attorney and former magistrate Anthony Brink, who provides a broad history of […]

Dr. Merritt Lee interviews Poornima Wagh PhD Virology

Mirrored from Spacebusters, 19-8-2022 (120min). Spacebusters and Terrain vindicated by PhD in virology and life long bacteriologist and lab technician, Poornima Wagh. It’s long, but if you’ve followed our last 18 films, you’ll be right in there with these two and where as once I was blind, now I can see. VIDEO: ☞☞☞ Spacebusters […]

100 Year Old Newspaper Debunks Virus Theory: Pasteur vs Bechamp: Terrain Theory

Mirrored from Mig Mag, 25-12-2021 (30min). This is the audio version of a great 1909 newspaper article I found this winter. Pasteur and Bechamp are mentioned, with heavy criticism towards Pasteur. Terrain theory compared with germ theory. Thank you Dave for the great narration! Sources below:… Soundtrack: Music from The Dark Ages – Bloodline […]

Germs Debunked Corona – Spacebusters

Mirrored from Spacebusters, 19-6-2021 (57min). The truth about ALL germs and the history of germ theory. Viruses aren’t the only mythical unicorns out there. VIDEO: To buy our merchandise and help promote our channel, click here:

The Virus Cover Story – Dr. Sam Bailey with Jon Rappoport

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey, 12-7-2022 (40min). I’ve just interviewed the one and only Jon Rappoport, who launched his website over 20 years ago. Jon is now 84 years old but continues with his prolific output and is always at the forefront of exposing global scams.We talked about: VIDEO:–in-de-keuken——pieter-stuurman-en-jan-dirk-van-de-voort:3 Buy Jon’s Matrix Revealed: […]

Wednesday Webinar and Q&A with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 6-7-2022 (45min). At the beginning of this webinar, I discussed an article titled “They’re Coming For Your Backyard Chickens” from Off Guardian. The full article can be found here: also discussed an Israeli study on using Kefir to reduce inflammation, as well as discussing how to do a simple […]

Andrew Kaufman on viruses not existing @ Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 9-6-2022 (50min). Andrew Kaufman is a medical doctor. More specifically, — Andrew Kaufman is a Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist and Molecular Biologist who received his training and degrees from Duke University, MIT and South Carolina Medical University. He says there are no such things as “viruses” and the “Coronavirus Global Pandemic” is […]