Wednesday Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 18-5-2022 (55min). I hosted a live Q&A webinar on May 18th, 2022. Q&A Topics include:The problem with treating “diagnoses”What happens when the body expresses headache symptoms?Is it okay to use Shilajit-Mumijo and Marine Plasma Drinkable Sea Water together?What about ticks and Lyme disease?Discussing published scientific studies on Lyme disease

German C-19 Committee – with Dr. Bryan Ardis (USA) on Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment & with Professor Matthias Desmet (Belgium) on Mass Psychology

Hearing 63 – In the Eye of the Storm, mirrored from Corona Ausschuss. Breaking Interview with Dr. Ardis starts at 1h33m: Interview with Professor in Psychology Matthias Desmet starts at 3h05m.

Doctors Panel – “Vaccine” Shedding, Transmission & Solutions

Panel from 26-6-2021 (106min), mirrored from Angel Realm. In ⁣this Special Doctor’s Panel these highly respected doctors discuss the pressing concerns of Covid-19 Vaccine Shedding, Transmission and Solutions. Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Andy Kaufman, Dr. Thomas Cowan, Dr. Patrick Phillips join Dr. Stephen Malthouse for this rich and revealing discussion! VIDEO: […]