Amandha Vollmer with David Parker & Dawn Lester – What Really Makes People Ill?

Mirrored from Yummy Doctor, 11-5-2021 (121min). This is the full length interview with a couple of brilliant people on a range of topics. David Parker and Dawn Lester co-wrote “What Really Makes You Ill”. a wonderful resource for researching the truth on modern day medical practices. VIDEO: Amandha D VollmerBSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,Holistic Health […]

My Second Compliance Attempt – Friday Webinar and Q&A with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 18-3-2022 (60min). In this webinar, I discussed my second compliance attempt. I also held a Q+A session. Topics included:Vitamin deficiencyAnemia/ Synthetic IV InfusionWhy do children get sick?Aortic dissectionCovidThyroid Issues Structuring your waterCirculationCoffee enemasCanopy EMF Shielding My podcast interview with Ben Greenfield:

Understanding the Impact of Electricity and EMFs – Derrick Broze with Arthur Firstenberg

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance (88min). Derrick Broze sits down with author, scientist, and researcher Arthur Firstenberg to discuss his book, The Invisible Rainbow, and his research into the dangers of electricity and electromagnetic frequencies. Derrick and Arthur also talk about Arthur’s history, his founding of The Cellular Phone Task Force, his book, his concerns […]

De besmettingsmythe: een Nederlandstalige samenvatting van The Contagion Myth door Evert de Groot

Gespiegeld van Transitieweb: Onlangs verscheen het baanbrekende boek The Contagion Myth van de arts Thomas Cowan en journaliste Sally Fallon Morell. Ondertitel in vertaling: waarom virussen – ook het ‘coronavirus’ – geen ziekte veroorzaken. Evert de Groot maakte een Nederlandstalige samenvatting en voorzag die van noten en aanvullende links. Dit is een fundamentele tekst die […]