Global Awareness of Famine is Rising – David Dubyne

Mirrored from ADAPT 2030, 13-11-2022. New data shows that the Southern Hemisphere is experiencing the effects of a Year Without a Summer from the January 2022 Tonga eruption ejecting the highest ever recorded water vapor cloud to 187,000 ft in Earth’s atmosphere. This is now becoming mainstream news and sending fear around the planet, but […]

Fasten Your Seatbelt – Column Ad Nuis @ Weltschmerz

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 28-9-2022 (18min). “Hoe overleven wij de komende winter”. Mijn ouders overleefden de hongerwinter van 1944, dus ik denk dat het mij ook wel gaat lukken om de winter van 2022 te overleven onder voorbehoud dat ons een kernoorlog bespaart blijft. Het is niet te hopen dat het zo een strenge winter wordt […]

The Bioeconomy Future: Bodies Into Biomass – The Last American Vagabond

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 29-9-2022 (16min). This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 9/24/22 VIDEO:—9-24-22—Bodies-Into-Biomass:b The Full Episode And Links Can Be Found Here: Want to send a check to support TLAV, or just words of encouragement?Use our new P.O. box:Ryan Cristian1113 Murfreesboro Rd. Ste 106-146Franklin, Tn 37064 Get a […]

Webinar and Q&A with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 11-5-2022 (50min). I hosted a live Q&A webinar on May 11th, 2022. At the beginning of this webinar, I discussed the following:– Our Marine Plasma Drinkable Sea Water and how it aided in a customer’s ill pet.Learn more about Marine Plasma here: – Veda Austin’s ice crystallography work using […]

German C-19 Committee – Technocracy Gone Wild with Prof. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, Patrick Wood (Censored by YouTube)

Mirrored from SCA English (Stiftung Corona Ausschuss), livestream 19-11-2021 (7h). Interview with Prof. Henrion-Caude starts at 2h43min, followed by the talk with Patrick Wood on Technocracy: Streaming auf Deutsch: Since mid-July 2020, the Corona Committee has been conducting live, multi-hour sessions to investigate why federal and state governments imposed unprecedented restrictions as part of […]

Alert: No Energy, No Food ~ Holodomor 2.0? – The Ice Age Farmer

Mirrored from The Ice Age Farmer, 20-10-2021 (13min). German farmers are unable to find fertilizer. Italian farmers are facing 6x costs for drying grains. Propane is exploding in the US. As the energy crisis spill over into food production, it has immediate impacts — but the true cost may come next season as fertilizer shortages […]

James DeMeo | Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends

Episode 31, mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 30-7-2021 (59min). Understanding Wilhelm Reich and ‘Orgone’ Energy Hi, everyone. Today’s podcast is a fascinating interview with Dr. James DeMeo, the world’s foremost authority on the work of 20th Century physician and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich. Even though Reich’s work is mostly unknown, he claimed to have “discovered” and […]

Arthur Firstenberg – A History of Electricity and Life

Mirrored from Newfound Grounded Media: NFGmedia aims to report on and share valuable information,without censorship. We feel people are perfectly capable of making their own decisions, about what news they want to receive and how they feel about it. Sharing is caring after all right? Various topics here, but ultimately stuff to educate,empower and uplift.. […]

The Ice Age Farmer – The Cyberpandemic Has Begun

Mirrored report from The Ice Age Farmer, 12-15-2020: The WEF’s proclaimed Cyberpandemic has begun: defense, power, water, finance, and our supply chain are all vulnerable to massive disruptions after FireEye & SolarWind have unleashed weapons of mass digital destruction AND unlocked the back doors of governments, militaries, and nearly the entire Fortune 500. Christian breaks […]