The Dark Reality Of The American BioEconomy Part 1&2 – The Last American Vagabond

Mirrored from TLAV, 24-9-2022 (89+40min). This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 9/13/22 Part 1: This is an excerpt of The Daily Wrap Up 9/15/22 Part 2: The Full Episode And Links Can Be Found Here: Want to send a check to support TLAV, or just words of encouragement?Use our new […]

Elze van Hamelen with Patrick M. Wood – “The Nation-State has become an Empty Shell”

Mirrored from De Andere Krant, 12-9-2022 (112min). This is a wide-ranging interview on Technocracy and the European Union. We discussed immigration, deconstruction, deregulation, various crisis and transhumanism. Very worthwhile discussion. Patrick M. Wood is the world‘s leading expert on historic and modern Technocracy and its geostrategic importance to economic, political and spiritual trends. De technocraten […]

Prof. Kees van der Pijl at Science Summit Uncensored 2022

Mirrored from Weltschmerz, 8-9-2022 (78min). VIDEO:—Kees-van-der-Pijl—Volledige-aflevering-2:1 Kees van der Pijl, Prof Dr Political Sciences Dr. Kees van der Pijl (1947) heeft Rechten en Politieke Wetenschappen gestudeerd aan de Universiteit van Leiden in Nederland. Hij was docent bij de Universiteit van Amsterdam en vanaf 2000 professor Internationale Relaties aan de Universiteit van Sussex in de […]

Béchamp Versus Pasteur (Part 2) – Mike Winner & Dr. Barre Lando – Alfa Vedic

Mirrored from Alfa Vedic, 20-9-2019 (110min). This may be our most powerful and important show to date! In episode 1of this series, Mike recounted what he learned from reading the illuminated Ethel D. Hume’s “Béchamp or Pasteur? A Lost Chapter In The History Of Biology” and some fun discoveries were made and discussed. Now Dr. […]

How Our Bodies Actually Work, Understanding The Flow & Function of Terrain – Dr. Barre Lando @ Alfa Vedic

Mirrored from Alfa Vedic, 23-9-2022 (11min). This clip was taken from our episode of Alfacast – Béchamp vs Pasteur & The Germ Theory Hoax Part 2. Here Dr. Lando explains what Béchamp discovered and how geniuses like Günther Enderline and Gaston Naessens expanded on these truths to bring true micro-biology to the medical world, thus […]

Cancelled: Dubai’s Palm Islands – Bright Sun Films

Mirrored from Bright Sun Films, 29-7-2022 (14min). Perhaps one of the most expensive failures of the 2008 economic crisis came from an unlikely place, just hundreds of feet off the coast of Dubai. There, sat several large masses of sand in the unique shape of palm trees and earth’s continents. Several billions of dollars had […]

What Really Makes You Ill? – Spacebusters with Dawn Lester & David Parker

Mirrored from Spacebusters, 25-8-2022 (115min). A Spacebusters trialogue with the fascinating and knowledgeable Dawn Lester & David Parker, authors of “What Really Makes You Ill”. We discuss nutrition and deficiencies, poisons and toxins, EMF toxicity, mental stress related illness, STD’s, placebo, nocebo, pheromones, bio-resonance, morphogenetics, the biology of belief, New German Medicine, chemtrails, vaccines, “shedding”, […]

Amandha Vollmer with David Parker & Dawn Lester – What Really Makes People Ill?

Mirrored from Yummy Doctor, 11-5-2021 (121min). This is the full length interview with a couple of brilliant people on a range of topics. David Parker and Dawn Lester co-wrote “What Really Makes You Ill”. a wonderful resource for researching the truth on modern day medical practices. VIDEO: Amandha D VollmerBSc, Herbalist, Reiki Master,Holistic Health […]

Ryan Cristian with James Corbett – The Budding Biosecurity State & It’s Technocratic Culmination

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 28-7-2022 (73min). Joining me today is James Corbett, here to discuss the growing biosecurity state, how we got here, and what this inevitably leads to. As we review current events and discuss the varying perspectives surrounding this unprecedented time, we also highlight the many ways in which people are […]

Shut Up and Eat Your GMO’s – The Corbett Report Flashback (2007)

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 13-6-2022 (42min). FROM 2007: Tinkering with the building blocks of life is more than just child play, it’s big business. Today we examine the consequences, intended and unintended of chimera cross-species genetic engineering. VIDEO: SHOW NOTES AND MP3: