Thousands of Nurses and Teachers Fired – Can The Counter-Economy Save Them? – Derrick Broze

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance, 7-10-2021 (26min). Derrick Broze reports on the thousands of nurses and teachers being fired around the United States for not submitting to vaxx mandates or vaxx passports. What can we do to prevent this loss of knowledge and experience? Can the Counter-Economy save these workers? VIDEO: Sources: Support […]

Senior NHS Board Member Warns: Stop The Genocide Or Our Children Are Next!

Mirrored from Angel Realm, 5-5-2021 (32min): Credit & Appreciation to @99percent for sending this. Credit, Appreciation & Respect to Uk Column 4/5/21 Angel Realm:

Lisa Brackenridge, former nurse, discusses life in the NHS under the Covid policy agenda.

Mirrored from Northern Exposure, 23-4-2021 (43min). A frank discussion of Covid policy, staff reaction, patient treatment and management insanity during the 2020 “Covid Crisis” within the National Health Service. Source: