Alan Watt – Understanding The Control

Mirrored from The Heretic, 9-1-2023 (119min). The Man who warned of the encroaching technocratic takeover for decades.Independent Canadian researcher/thinker/radio host Alan Watt has been a quiet ‘force of nature’ for the past two decades on the Internet. His abrupt death in early March of 2021 caught many by surprise. This series of interviews from 2010 […]

“Real History” with Melissa – Ep 9: Betty and The Value of One US Dollar

Mirrored from AlanWattCTTM, 16-3-2023 (63min). Betty was Born in 1929, Father Died in 1933 – Mother had Six Children Under the Age of 14 – The Depression – Garden, Cows Named Blackie and Suzie – Churning Butter – Chickens – Fruit Trees – Round Steak – Supplementing the Life Insurance Policy – The U.S. Dollar […]

The Scientism Slight Of Hand – Alfa Vedic’s Mike Winter & Barre Lando with Matt Presti

Mirrored from Alfa Vedic, 9-3-2023 (114min). On this episode return guest Matt Presti & the Alfacast crew further dissect the nature of our reality from the perspective of luminary Walter Russell, the most famous man you’ve never heard of.  Matt’s brilliant documentary, Dispelling Dimensional Madness, makes the strong case that reality is NOT a dimension. Rather, […]

“Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt – Redux 99 – Resolute Spirit

Mirrored from AlanWattCTTM, 5-3-2023 (63min). “Espiritu Resuelto,” Resolute Spirit; Guitar – Remembering Alan – The Importance of Purpose and the Resolve to Commit to Your Purpose – Weston Gilson – Mike from Sweden – Shortcuts that Alan’s Talks and Writing Provide – Keep Hold of Your Mind – Alan’s Day in Town Where People Were […]

Daniel Kristos with Legendary Freeman of Freeman TV

Mirrored from Baal Busters, 19-2-2023 (101min). VIDEO: Go to and become a MemberGo to and use Code: FREEMAN for $500 OFFFreeman’s Photography: Subscribe Option 1: Alt/Subscribe Option 2: Sauce lovers, Go Here! I make it: https://SemperFryLLC.comBa’al Busters Subscribers get 11% off with Code: HSFAMILY plus a Free 2 oz […]

Amazing what a doctor had to say about the communication of disease in 1880!

Mirrored from Roman Bystrianyk, 24-2-2023 (1min). Henry D. Littlejohn, MD, “Report by Dr. Littlejohn,” The Poor Law Magazine and Parochial Journal, vol. VIII, 1880, Edinburgh, pp. 309-311. VIDEO: Source:

(CDC) Public Health Reports 1919 Volume 34 – No Proof Of Virus Transmission & Infection During Spanish Flu Pandemic

Mirrored from Wide Awake, 16-2-2023. (CDC) Public Health Reports 1919 Volume 34 – No Proof Of Virus Transmission & Infection During Spanish Flu Pandemic: DOCUMENT: Source:

“Cutting Through the Matrix” with Alan Watt Redux 96 Tinkering in the Matrix of the Womb

Mirrored from Alan Watt CTTM, 12-2-2023 (59min). Be sure to read Not Sure’s latest piece: Please donate and support CTTM (Cutting Through the Matrix) in order to help further the legacy of Alan Watt: For other reduxes, see this page: Redux Links: Transcript – Alan Watt Cutting Through the Matrix – Tinkering […]