Why are Most People Cowards? Obedience and the Rise of Authoritarianism – Academy of Ideas

Mirrored from Academy of Ideas, 26-1-2022 (12min): https://odysee.com/@academyofideas:3/why-are-most-people-cowards-obedience:f Become a Supporting Member and access 12 courses and 24 videos available only to members ► http://academyofideas.com/members/ Prefer to Support us with a One-Time Donation? Paypal ► https://www.paypal.me/academyofideas Bitcoin: 1P6ntukFENP1nvEf4bJNj3tsDEuiSyUFW6 Get the transcript https://academyofideas.com/2022/01/why-are-most-people-cowards-obedience-and-the-rise-of-authoritarianism/ Subscribe on Rumble: https://rumble.com/c/academyofideas Subscribe on Odysee: https://odysee.com/@academyofideas:3 Follow us on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/academyofideas/ […]

Patrick Wood on technocracy and the globalist agenda – Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 23-1-2022 (87min). Patrick Wood is an author and expert on technocracy. His book, Technocracy, is one of my favourites. It gives the best overview of everything that is happening in the world right now, and it includes the historical context too, which is obviously important. In our conversation, Patrick chats about […]

Blockchain Keys Unlock A Murky Metaverse – Bonnie Faulkner with Alison McDowell @ Guns and Butter

Mirrored from Yabba, 16-10-2021 (60min): https://odysee.com/@yabba:e/Alison-Mcdowell2:f Alison McDowell: https://wrenchinthegears.com/Guns and Butter: https://www.wbai.org/program.php?program=97Podcast: http://gunsandbutter.org/ Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsqMXifHj5s