The HighWire – The Turning Point

Watch episode 237 of The HighWire here: It’s Mandate Mayhem! Southwest Airlines in Disarray; Is Biden’s Vaccine Order Legal?; The Pushback Against Tyranny Goes Viral!; Tech CEO’s New Mandate-Free Job Site Guests: Tammy Clark, Kristen Meghan, Andrew Crapuchettes

Persconferentie Viruswaarheid 8 oktober 2021 – Jeroen Pols en Willem Engel

Gespiegeld van Viruswaarheid (26min):—8-oktober-2021—Jeroen-Pols-en-Willem-Engel:f Viruswaarheid:

Spaceman – Carl Vernon

Mirrored from Carl Vernon, 4-10-2021 (35sec): Bestselling books and exclusive content: https://www.carlvernon.comOrder your t-shirt: tip: Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit the bell to stay updated on the latest videos and live sessions. Twitter:…

Blckbx TV – Flavio Pasquino met Annelies Strikkers over huisarts die bij Nieuwsuur beweerde: “Ze had nog kunnen leven.“

Bekijk de uitzending en lees de toelichting op Blckbx TV:

Viruses do not cause disease – Dr. Sam Bailey

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 15-7-2021 (49min). Dr Sam Bailey ( chatted to me about Germ Theory and why it needs to be challenged because of its potentially false premises. And we chatted about her brilliant book, Virus Mania. VIDEO: Jerm Warfare:

The Covid narrative is mass hypnosis – Mattias Desmet @ Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 4-9-2021 (47min). Mattias Desmet is a professor of psychology at Ghent University in Belgium. He focuses on mass crowd formation, totalitarianism, mass hypnosis, and indoctrination. VIDEO: Jerm Warfare:

What’s Going on in Japan? – Questions For Corbett

Mirrored from The Corbett Report (36min). It’s been a while since Questions For Corbett tackled everyone’s burning question: So what’s going on in Japan, anyway? From states of emergency to ivermectin to tainted vaccines to boring old Japanese politics, today James gives you the latest updates from the Land of the Rising Sun. VIDEO: […]

Israel – Willem Engel interviews Tamir Turgal on the current situation

Viruswaarheid/Virustruth, 2-9-2021 (41min):–Tamir-Turgal,-Israel:8 In deze Nieuwsbrief Viruswaarheid hier meer te vinden over de We For Humanity presentatie ‘STOP HOLOCAUST” aan het European Medicines Agency. Bekijk daar ook de uitspraak van het gerechtshof Den Haag 31 augustus 2021. ► Viruswaarheid → Stappenplan.Aangifte-enof-Politieklacht► Viruswaarheid → Viruswaarheid Juridische Zaken 31 augustus 2021

The HighWire – Feast of Consequences

Watch episode 231 here: China Fires Back on Covid Origin; ICAN Sues NIH; ACIP Rebuffs Biden & Plotkin; New Data Reveals Shocking Vaccine Risk; Dr. Bartlett on Monoclonal Antibodies; Dr. Zelenko Is On a Mission