Dr. Thomas Cowan – What Does & Doesn’t Make You Sick – W.A.P.F. Conference 2022

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 1-12-2022 (140min). Recorded live on October 22, 2022. Dr. Thomas Cowan presents at the Weston A. Price Foundation’s 22nd Annual Conference in Knoxville, Tennessee “We have been taught that ‘germs’ make us sick. That is incorrect. Once we get a clear picture of how living beings are constructed, it becomes easy to […]

Discussing Peter McCullough’s Recent Article – Wednesday Webinar with Dr. Tom Cowan

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 23-11-2022 (61min). In this webinar, we discussed Peter McCullough’s recent article.The original article can be found at this link: https://petermcculloughmd.substack.com/p/electron-cryotomography-of-sars-cov?r=17h73c Our Thanksgiving Sales on Dr. Cowan’s Garden and Dr. Tom Cowan are running now through Monday, November 28th, 2022 11:59 pm est. Stock up on all your favorites while supplies […]

‘Viruses’, Bacteria & Parasites as advertised are Illusions – Patrick Timpone with Dr. Andrew Kaufman on One Radio Network

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 22-11-2022 (85min). Streamed live on November 15, 2022. ‘Viruses’, Bacteria & Parasites as advertised are Illusions. Dr. Andrew Kaufman interviewed by Patrick Timpone from One Radio Network “Dr. Andrew Kaufman is an American natural healing consultant, inventor, expert witness and forensic psychiatrist who has been powerfully outspoken throughout the ‘pandemic’. Speaking counter […]

Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends – Marvin Haberland on his upcoming German court case

Mirrored from Dharmabear. Uploaded November 10, 2022 “Hi, everyone. I consider today’s podcasts one of the most important ones I’ve done. My guest is a young German man, Marvin Haberland, and our conversation revolves around his upcoming court case in Germany, as well as the foundations of virology. Marvin is an engineer who, as a […]

The Germ Trap ~ Short Documentary on Vaccine Effectiveness – Roman Bystrianyk

Mirrored from Ivor Cummins, 24-10-2022 (24min). Very, very interesting – I didn’t know any of the details really – and this is fully referenced to historical texts. Prepare to be amazed – especially at the Smallpox reality! VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@IvorCummins:f/Amazing_Short_Docu_on_the_History_of_Vaccine_Effectiveness:c Original vid link, please support maker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kQivkd4uDOk&t=167s&ab_channel=RomanBystrianyk

Team No Virus on Planned Illusion: Kaufman, Cowan, Corbett and Bailey – Hosted by Jimuphy

Mirrored from Dr. Andrew Kaufman, 18-10-2022 (107min). [Oct 16th, 2022] Witness the destruction of the Plandemic and the belief in all pathogenic viruses, as Jimuphy goes live to host Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Tom Cowan, Dr. Mark Bailey, and Dr. Kevin Corbett, highlighting their heroic endeavor to expose the lies and proclaim the truth about […]

‘Ceci n’est pas un virion’ – ‘This is not a Virion’

‘Ceci n’est pas un virion’ – ‘This is not A Virion’. By De Groene Geus, Amsterdam, September 2022. Found scooter helmet, toilet paper rolls, ducttape, aluminumfoil, and copper LED-light wire.

Dr. Sam Bailey – Secrets of Virology: “Control” Experiments

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey, 20-9-2022 (15min). Recently, there was a claim that virologists carry out properly controlled experiments, which show that the “no virus” position is false. Have we missed something? VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@drsambailey:c/Secrets-of-Virology-Control-Experiments:e Shownotes 👉 https://drsambailey.com/resources/videos/corruption-and-medicine/secrets-of-virology-control-experiments/ English subtitles 👉 https://odysee.com/@Hmanpro:e/Secrets-of-Virology:b Leave me a tip! 👉 https://www.buymeacoffee.com/drsambailey Monero 👉 4ADKsKsEx6c8Y8g1dSVd7vUR27JnbER5R2jUTkUuKFddSKVsmnxR9AFedzHhMH4P4vePK3SbVZgMzWik423Nno7fBuH3oo3 Virus Mania Paperback: https://drsambailey.com/shop-2/ Telegram: […]

200+ Freedom Of Information Requests, 40 Countries, No Evidence of ‘Sars-CoV-2’ – Regis Tremblay with Christine Massey

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 8-9-2022 (53min). Uploaded September 8, 2022. “Canadian biostatistician, Christine Massey, has accumulated FOI requests from over 200 institutions in 40 countries, and not one has proof of any scientific papers, using legitimate methods, that ‘SARS-CoV-2’ exists. We also discuss the ‘No Virus Challenge’, started by an organic group of doctors, scientists, and […]