Maria-Louise Genet met Jeroen Pols – Juridische Zaken Viruswaarheid

Mirrored from Viruswaarheid, 26-10-2021 (59min): Code publieksreclame geneesmiddelen (CPG) →└ GeneesmiddelenWet →

How to Disarm Propaganda – Mark Crispin on #SolutionsWatch with James Corbett

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 26-10-2021 (50min). Today Mark Crispin Miller, NYU Professor and News From Underground publisher, joins us to discuss his specialty: propaganda. In true #SolutionsWatch style, we discuss ways to identify and dissect propaganda, as well as how to help others to see through common propaganda techniques. VIDEO: SHOW NOTES AND […]

Covid is a Global Propaganda Operation – Dr Piers Robinson

Mirrored from Yabba (45min). Dr Piers Robinson is an expert on communication, media and world politics, focusing on conflict and war and especially the role of propaganda He is presently Co-Director of the Organisation for Propaganda Studies, Convenor of the Working Group on Syria, Propaganda and Media and Associated Researcher with the Working Group on […]

MASS PSYCHOSIS – How an Entire Population Becomes MENTALLY ILL

Mirrored from After Skool (22min). This video was made in collaboration with Academy of Ideas. They create videos explaining the ideas of history’s great thinkers in order to help supply the world with more knowledge, to empower the individual, and to promote freedom. Please check out their youtube channel for more brilliant content. or […]

German C-19 Committee – with Dr. Bryan Ardis (USA) on Misdiagnosis and Mistreatment & with Professor Matthias Desmet (Belgium) on Mass Psychology

Hearing 63 – In the Eye of the Storm, mirrored from Corona Ausschuss. Breaking Interview with Dr. Ardis starts at 1h33m: Interview with Professor in Psychology Matthias Desmet starts at 3h05m.

“Youtube beledigt Hoogleraar”, vindt collega Professor na verwijderde video Blckbx TV…

Gespiegeld van Blckbx (12min). “Als een befaamde hartchirurg – Professor Jan Grandjean – een genuanceerde mening heeft over corona en de allesomvattende Mind Control, en Youtube verwijdert vervolgens de video, zou ik mij beledigt voelen” stelt Emeritus Hoogleraar Internationale Communicatie & Mensenrechten Professor Cees Hamelink. Mind Control = Gedachten Controle = Propaganda Volgens de voormalig […]

Hypnotist Brian Halliday REVEALS Government BRAINWASHING Tactics

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