The Freedom Cell Network – The Greater Reset Activation Day 6: Bonus Day of Solutions

Mirrored from John Bush, 1-31-2021. The Greater Reset Activation Day 6: Bonus Day of Solutions Activists, Permaculture Farmers, and Solutionaries unite for The Greater Reset Activation, an alternative to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset Activists, researchers, influencers, permaculturists and entrepreneurs are coming together to participate in The Greater Reset, an initiative of The Freedom […]

Italian Doctors test kiwi for C: positive…

Mirrored from Lunatic Fringe: ITALY: “Scientists use lateral flow antigen rapid “SARSCoV2 test” on a kiwi fruit. The kiwi fruit is positive. Please note: there are no tests for Covid19. Selling these as “tests” is a global fraud. “The ONLY TEST for live virus is viral culture. PCR & lateral flow DO NOT distinguish live […]

The HighWire #195 – Herhaling uniek interview met Zac Bush

The HighWire, een uniek en boeiend medisch wetenschappelijk programma gepresenteerd door Del Bigtree, iedere donderdag live: In deze aflevering het door miljoenen gekeken interview met Dr. Zac Bush: