The Fallacies of Cellular Biology – Dr. Thomas Cowan & Patrick Daly

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 19-12-2022 (77min). Uploaded December 6, 2022 The P.A.T. Life Podcast with Patrick Daly – Episode 149 – Dr. Thomas Cowan ‘The Fallacies of Cellular Biology’ “Ribosome (Rib of body/Rib of Adam). Quite the name for the cellular particle that carries out protein synthesis, allegedly. Endoplasmic reticulum, ribosomes, blood brain barrier, lipid bilayer […]

Laurent Costa – Journey into the heart of water

Mirrored from Laurent Costa. A great collection of short video’s (ca. 45min) with microscopic photographs of water: Source: More information: The Book ‘Journey into the heart of water’:

Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer (1991) – Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 18-10-2022 (49min). Grayfield Optical presents ‘Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer’. Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu – Our Blood Microbes Change Shape and Action A scientific film by Bernd Muschlien and Kurt Olbrich (1991) Released to the public on DVD in 2006. VIDEO: Video Overview by Amandha Vollmer: “What are the […]

How Our Bodies Actually Work, Understanding The Flow & Function of Terrain – Dr. Barre Lando @ Alfa Vedic

Mirrored from Alfa Vedic, 23-9-2022 (11min). This clip was taken from our episode of Alfacast – Béchamp vs Pasteur & The Germ Theory Hoax Part 2. Here Dr. Lando explains what Béchamp discovered and how geniuses like Günther Enderline and Gaston Naessens expanded on these truths to bring true micro-biology to the medical world, thus […]