Gerald Pollack on The Fourth Phase of Water (2019 Conference presentation)

Mirrored from The Conference on the Physics Chemistry and Biology of Water, 12-2-2020 (66min). Jerry POLLACK 2019 Water Conference speech , with enhanced sound and original slides presentation added. More information on Gerald Pollack:

Laurent Costa – Journey into the heart of water

Mirrored from Laurent Costa. A great collection of short video’s (ca. 45min) with microscopic photographs of water: Source: More information: The Book ‘Journey into the heart of water’:

Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer (1991) – Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 18-10-2022 (49min). Grayfield Optical presents ‘Symbiosis or Parasitism – A Treatise on Cancer’. Enderlein Polymorphic Milieu – Our Blood Microbes Change Shape and Action A scientific film by Bernd Muschlien and Kurt Olbrich (1991) Released to the public on DVD in 2006. VIDEO: Video Overview by Amandha Vollmer: “What are the […]

Dr. Harold Hillman Exposed The Scientific Fraud Of Western Medicine – 1977 Cell Biology Research

Mirrored from MigMag, 30-9-2021 (77min). *** If the music is distracting you, I have uploaded all clips without music here: *** If the basis of cell biology science is fraudulent or corrupted, then how can any scientific research, derived from this foundation be true? …disease treatments, v1r0L0gy and cancer industry come to mind. I […]