Australia & New Zealand – May Day May Day

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Australia – Cop describes why she quit Victoria Police over tyrannical enforcement

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Australia – 1200 Police Officers Suspended, Without Pay, For Refusing The Injection

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Activating Our Divine Will w/ Henna Maria -(co-)founder Police for Freedom- @ Alfa Vedic

Mirrored from Alfa Vedic (105min). Henna Maria is an activist, speaker, poet and practitioner of ancestral healing arts, which she learnt apprenticing with the Shipibo tribe in the Amazon rainforest. In 2019 Henna founded Dawn of Peace, a creative community and peace organisation. Her activism focuses on educating people about the spiritual reality of life, […]

Carl Vernon – WORLD Take a Lesson From the Swiss Police!

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More Melbourne Protests & Police Brutality: Freedom Fighters Hit Streets; Police Hit Protestors

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HUGE Protests In Germany As GLOBAL UPRISING CONTINUES! Police ATTACKS Activists!

Mirrored from World Alternative Media, 1-8-2021 (22min). Josh Sigurdson reports on the continued global uprising taking place as people say NO to vaccine passports and further lockdowns. The government in Germany has put in place crazy new vaccine passport restrictions which attack basic bodily autonomy and as protesters take to the streets of Berlin, the […]

Press For Truth – Unvaccinated Soldiers Will Be FIRED And Will Have To REPAY THE MONEY Invested In Their Training!!!

Mirrored from Press For Truth (18min). Mandatory vaccines are becoming a reality for many, what was once laughed off as a “conspiracy theory” is now becoming conspiracy fact! For some nurses in the US vaccines are mandatory, no jab means no job, they are now suing because of it! Some soldiers in Latvia are being […]