Covid-19 and the Political Economy of Mass Hysteria – Professor Philip Bagus @ Thinking Slow

Mirrored from Yabba, 16-2-2022 (41min). The definitive guide to hysteria based on extensive work carried out by Professor Bagus and his colleagues. This will be the definitive guide to Government overreach, the role of legacy media, the dangers of applied psychology and most importantly how to recover from the enormous psychological damage inflicted on the […]

The HighWire – Breaking Mass Psychosis

Watch episode 249 of The HighWire with Del Bigtree here: A Look Back on HighWire’s Coverage of Covid; Welcome to the Party, Joe Rogan; ICAN Sues for V-Safe Data; Are You Suffering From Mass Delusional Psychosis?; COVID Deaths Down, excess Deaths up? Are Government Payouts Manipulating US Covid Data? Guests: Dr. Mark McDonald, AJ […]

Politiegeweld was pure uitlokking plus kapitale uitglijder – Max von Kreyfelt met Arno Wellens

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 5-1-2021 (33min). Het gewelddadige optreden van de politie in Amsterdam op zondag 2 januari was buiten alle proporties. Max von Kreyvelt en Arno Wellens blikken terug. VIDEO:

Door het oog van de naald – Martina blikt terug op verboden demo met kameraden “In Het Gelid Voor Vrijheid”

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 5-1-2021 (39min). Martina blikt terug met oud-militairen en veteranen op de gebeurtenissen van afgelopen zondag (verboden demonstratie Museumplein) en gaat dieper in op de missie van “In Het Gelid Voor Vrijheid”. VIDEO:

Massive Protest Against Insane Government Oppression in Netherlands – Police Brutally Attack

Mirrored from Tim Truth, 3-1-2021 (9min): NEW Rokfin Channel LAUNCHED: (join me there for exclusive reports & call in shows). Join the leading researchers on to find the best videos from across the censorship-resistant internet platforms like Odysee, Rumble, LBRY, Bitchute & Brighteon.Add me on these great platforms: and

The New Omicron ‘Scariant’ – Sayer Ji with Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Mirrored from Dharmabear, 5-12-2021 (57min). Streamed live on November 28, 2021. As the world faces more lockdowns, travel restrictions, and coerced ‘vaccinations’ the WHO announces (with hundreds of media stories) the sudden appearance of a new, potentially deadly strain. What’s going on? VIDEO: Sayer Ji:https://www.greenmedinfo.comhttps://besovereign.comhttps://standforhealthfreedom.com Dr. Andrew Kaufman:https://andrewkaufmanmd.comhttps://www.truemedicinelibrary.com

Germany Bans Unjabbed… & Vienna Brothel Offers Jab… & Netherlands Goes “Half Lockdown”… – Carl Vernon

Mirrored from Carl Vernon (3min). Germany bans unjabbed, 10-11: Vienna brothel offers jab, 10-11: Netherlands goes back into lockdown, 12-11: Exclusive content: https://www.carlvernon.comOrder your t-shirt: tip: Don’t forget to subscribe. Hit the bell to stay updated on the latest videos and live sessions. Twitter:

Australia & New Zealand – May Day May Day

Mirrored from Here&Now, 13-10-2021 (7min):,-Australia,-New-Zealand:1 Source: Here&Now:

Australia – Cop describes why she quit Victoria Police over tyrannical enforcement

Mirrored from Angel Realm, 11-10-2021 (1:28): Angel Realm: