Jon Rappoport on Aids, Covid and Mass Formation – Jerm Warfare

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 29-9-2022 (97min). VIDEO: Jon Rappoport is probably the most prolific independent journalist in the world. Support my work:

Say NO To The Vaccine – Trillion feat. Pataphysics & nRt (Music Video)

Mirrored from 91177info, 11-7-2009 (7:30). Reupload from NZtrillion (the vaccine song) SAY NO TO THE VACCINE by trillion (feat. pataphysics & nRt) Jane’s Blog- Official documents of evidence and charges can be viewed and downloaded here: Evidence of the Use of Pandemic Flu to Depopulate USA-… Criminal Charges – Swine Flu Edits […]

Vaxx Propaganda and Adverse Effects – Teaser for Plandemic 3 (Fall 2022)

Mirrored from Wake Up Mirror, 20-9-2022 (8min). VIDEO: Source: Teaser For Plandemic 3 Initially made aware of through Max Igan: The Governments War on Children On Odysee / LBRY:The Governments War on Children

Who Controls the News Controls the World – The Corbett Report

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 26-9-2022 (35min). I noticed a funny thing when browsing the propaganda newswires lately: all of the stories about the Queen’s death said the exact same thing! What’s going on here, and why does it matter? Join James for a wild ride through the history of newswires and the formation of […]

FLASHBACK: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health (2020) – The Corbett Report

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 24-9-2022 (40min). FROM 2020: In light of the recent Politico/Welt whitewash on “How Bill Gates and partners used their clout to control the global Covid response — with little oversight,” it’s a good time to re-visit “How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health,” the first part of The Corbett Report’ four […]

Aangifte Hugo de Jonge (vervolg) – Max von Kreyfelt en Mordechai Krispijn

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 7-9-2022 (21min). Mordechai Krispijn heeft in het najaar 2021 mensen opgeroepen om aangifte te doen tegen Hugo de Jonge in verband met zijn uitspraak over de ongevaccineerden: “We weten namelijk inmiddels vrij goed en vrij precies per postcode waar ze wonen.” Als minister voor alle Nederlanders hoor je zo een uitspraak niet […]

Blckbx Today: Manipulatie Kaag & Koopmans ~ Nog strenger stikstofbeleid? ~ Subsidie tegen visserij

Gespiegeld van Blckbx TV, 2-9-2022 (71min). VIDEO: Bekijk de volledige uitzending van blckbx today #69 vrijdag 2 september 2022 via: Wij ontvangen geen staatssteun of subsidies, blckbx is en blijft onafhankelijk. Jouw steun blijft hiervoor essentieel. Blijf ons daarom steunen via Vandaag weer kijkersvragen!Kijkersvragen kunnen via onze Telegram ingestuurd worden. Redacteur David […]

A Mass Media Reading List – Questions for Corbett

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 3-8-2022 (41min). Jackie writes in to ask for another book list, so James obliges by going through the reading list for the new Mass Media: A History online course. VIDEO: SHOW NOTES AND MP3:

Digitisation is changing the fabric of reality – Jerm Warfare with Eric Coppolini

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 28-7-2022 (68min). VIDEO: FULL DESCRIPTION: JOIN OUR COMMUNITY:

Derrick Broze with Mattias Desmet – Finding Meaning Among Mass Formation

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance, 27-7-2022 (69min). The Activation podcast #17. On this episode of The Activation Derrick Broze interviews Mattias Desmet, author of The Psychology of Totalitarianism. He is also professor of clinical psychology in the Department of Psychology and Educational Sciences at Ghent University and a practicing psychoanalytic psychotherapist. Derrick and Mattias talk […]