Doctors For Covid Ethics D4CE 5th Symposium: The Psychology of Covid-19 Atrocities

Mirrored from Doctors For Covid Ethics, 15-1-2023 (41min). This video summarizes the Unlimited Hangout article, Covid-19: Mass Formation or Mass Atrocity?, analyzing the abuses enacted under COVID-19 through the lens of the psychology of mass atrocity. It stresses the dangers of demonising active bystanders as ‘conspiracy theorists’, and the importance of holding atrocity’s instigators to […]

1957 Pandemic Propaganda: The Silent Invader – Westinghouse Broadcasting: The Past Asian Virus Scare

Mirrored from Mig Mag, 13-10-2021 (30min). A blast from the past pandemic propaganda, there is really nothing new on this Earth. “This film discusses how the United States is preparing for an outbreak of Asian influenza. Prominent physicians and the head of the US Public Health Service address types of influenza, the nature of the […]

Dr Robert Willner Perfectly Describes Terrain Theory

Mirrored from Mig Mag, 7-10-2023 (2min). Clip from a lecture given by Dr. Robert Willner. He accurately describes terrain theory without naming it: “The Bubonic plague killed half the population of Europe. The question you must ask and must answer, if you are going to be a rational thinking Human being is why didn’t it […]

Expositions of 1883 and 1884: Historical Lie and Racism Foundations – Howdie Mickoski

Mirrored from Freedom Now! 13-1-2023 (22min). I post Howdie’s video as an example of the Louisville exhibitions mentioned in his research. REDONE VIDEO various images did not appear in the original upload.Here I look at what were a short mention in my Expositions book, the Fairs of Louisville in 1883 and New Orleans in 1884.These […]

Ad Verbrugge met Theo Maassen over humor in tijden van censuur – De Nieuwe Wereld

Gespiegeld van De Nieuwe Wereld, 29-12-2023 (72min). Ad Verbrugge in gesprek met cabaretier en podcastmaker Theo Maassen over humor in tijden van censuur. “Ik zie het als mijn taak om te prikken in het dominante verhaal.” 0:00 intro 0:14 Oproep tot steun 01:25 Humor en censuur 07:03 Taak van de cabaretier 15:11 Humor als sublimatie […]

The Veil over Society Got Removed for a Moment… – Truthstream Media

Mirrored from Truthstream Media, 25-12-2022 (37min). Please help support us on Patreon, read our goals here: As context is very important for all videos; this message is to confirm that the purpose of this video is reporting on or documenting the content. Note that we make an effort to research for context and cite […]

Psy-Ops – A Special Presentation by Mark Passio at the Virtual Conference Shattering The Illusion

Mirrored from What On Earth Is Happening, 21-12-2022 (132min). In this eye-opening presentation, originally presented at the Shattering The Illusion virtual conference, Mark Passio explains what Psychological Warfare is, who employs it, and most importantly, WHY it works as a method of manipulation upon the general public. Mark goes on to break down the varied […]

De jacht op kritische artsen – Sietske Bergsma en Frank Stadermann | Juridisch C-19 Journaal

Gespiegeld van Weltschmerz, 12-12-2022 (16min). Een aantal jaren geleden dreef de Inspectie Gezondheidszorg en Jeugd een huisarts tot zelfmoord. Psycholoog René Diekstra schreef naar aanleiding van die kwestie: “De Inspectie is een dubieuze club”. Nu jaagt de Inspectie op artsen die kritisch zijn ten opzichte van de “vaccinaties” tegen corona. Artsen worden geïntimideerd en zitten klem. Als […]

The Corbett Report FLASHBACK: Media Kills (2010)

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 10-12-2022 (33min). From 2010: For decades, scientifically-crafted techniques have been employed to shape our ideas and perceptions. Today billions of dollars are spent each year trying to get you to think, act, talk and dress in proscribed ways…and it is as successful as ever. This week on The Corbett Report […]

The Climate Change Gambit & Its Transhumanist Roots – Ryan Cristian with James Corbett

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 1-12-2022 (60min). Joining me today is James Corbett, here to discuss a very contentious and manipulated topic, one that is being hoisted above the population as an absolute, as those in power no longer ask, but demand, your compliance. Of course we are discussing the ominous specter of “Climate […]