C-19 Jab Coverup Exposed & WHO Chief Scientist Admits It’s Unknown If Bivalent Jabs Safe/Effective – TLAV

Mirrored from The Last American Vagabond, 8-9-2022 (60min). Welcome to The Daily Wrap Up, a concise show dedicated to bringing you the most relevant independent news, as we see it, from the last 24 hours. VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@TLAVagabond:5/TDWU-9-7-22:a All Video Source Links Can Be Found Here At The Last American Vagabond: https://www.thelastamericanvagabond.com/covid-jab-coverup-exposed-who-chief-scientist-admits-unknown-bivalent-jabs-safe-effective Want to send a […]

Fascinating and Revealing Video of Brazilian President with WHO’s Tedros…

Mirrored from Ivor Cummins, 12-11-2021 (2min). Sorry about the quality, but title says it all; hard to believe the giggling and evasiveness near the end. But this is where we are. Unreal. VIDEO: https://odysee.com/@IvorCummins:f/absolutely-fascinating-video-of:f Original source: https://twitter.com/Kukicat7/status/1458862895240990725…

Healthy 13 Year Old DIES In SLEEP After 2nd Injection / Hugo Talks #lockdown

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Woman Allegedly Can’t See Properly After Her Astrazeneca Injection: According to VAERS, She’s Far From Alone! – Tim Truth

Mirrored from Tim Truth, 21-6-2021 (10min): https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/Cannolongerseeproperly-1:0 Join our leading researchers on https://GroupDiscover.com to find the best videos from across the censorship-resistant internet platforms like Odysee, LBRY, Bitchute & Brighteon Add me on these great platforms: https://odysee.com/@TimTruth:b/https://bitchute.com/timtruth/https://GroupDiscover.com and https://flote.app/timtruth1 Brought to you by the great supporters of this channel who fund this research. Join us […]