C-19 Vaccines – Consequences On The Soul, Spirit, And Life After Death – Article by Bernhard Guenther

Mirrored from Veil of Reality, 24-5-2022. Article: https://veilofreality.com/2022/05/24/covid-vaccines-consequences-on-the-soul-spirit-and-life-after-death/ Source: https://veilofreality.com/ Related tweet: https://twitter.com/veilofreality/status/1583673514132852736

We Are All MKUltra Now – Freeman with Elisa E

Mirrored from Freeman TV, 4-12-2022 (58min). As Elon Musk prepares Neuralink for human trials, we must ask the question, how far has mind control technology come since MKUltra? Will we find that these technologies affect not only the mind but the soul also. Will we allow moral bioenhancement drugs to bring about a collectivist future? […]

The Heart Is A Drum Machine (A Documentary Film About Music)

Mirrored from Tones’ Tunes, 26-1-2021 (120min). Artists and scholars investigate the question of what music, a uniquely human obsession, really is. Also included after the film is the movie trailer and the unedited 45 minute interview with musician John Frusciante. Due to copyright, the classic Steve Martin/Dan Akroyd SNL sketch “Send More Chuck Berry” has […]