All-cause mortality data strongly suggests NO viral outbreak in 2020 – Jerm Warfare with Denis Rancourt

Mirrored from Jerm Warfare, 1-9-2022 (61min). All-cause mortality is the most accurate and most reliable scientific data for analysing the “Covid pandemic” because it doesn’t discriminate and it has no bias. After all, a death is a death. VIDEO: Support my work:

Battle of the Experts – on Primetime Radio Show – Mortality Reality Revealed!

Mirrored from Ivor Cummins, 14-4-2021 (17min). Incredible mainstream radio debate yesterday, on a primetime channel. I just grabbed a minute or two under fair use, and added purely official government-sourced data to explain some kinda complicated concepts simply. This is I think an excellent resource to give a bird’s eye view of the data…and the […]

Dr. Sam Bailey on Excess Mortality – What You Aren’t Being Told

Mirrored from Dr. Sam Bailey 12-22-2020 (12min). PCR tests maybe problematic, but you cannot deny excess mortality…or can you? #excessmortality Please support my channel â–¶ References:1. CGTN – On the Scene | Disinfection at Wuhan’s old town complex amid the coronavirus epidemic CBS This morning: Italy struggles to find space for bodies despite […]

Ivor Cummins – Important: High Level View of Viral Epidemic Mortality – and Key Patterns

Korte maar krachtige toelichting op de Europese sterftecijfers van 2020 (bron: Euromomo) waaruit blijkt dat ook Nederland de zogenaamde noodsituatie (al lang) voorbij is… Mirrored from Ivor Cummins (4min). Understand the mortality patterns – or be forever lost. – what on earth is going on in England for instance? 🤔 Full overview right here in […]

Ivor Cummins – Zero C-19 Island Enigmas: Addressing the New Zealand Question!

Mirrored from Ivor Cummins, 1-30-2021 (17min): Recent psychopathy in Ireland from the Zero Covid Island bizarro fringe – so took some time to address the New Zealand Question (they bang on about copying NZ – I despair at the madness…) Ivor Cummins: NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more […]

WHO Admits Pandemic Is OVER! – PCR Results Are Mostly False Positives! – It Was ALL A LIE!

Mirrored from World Alternative Media, 1-21-2021 (18min): Josh Sigurdson reports on the new report out of the WHO which vindicates what we’ve been talking about for a year and actually lead to our YouTube channel getting taken down for being “anti-science.” The report shows that most PCR tests are false positives and will pick up […]

The Mortality Reality of our Viral Challenge – Short and Informative!

Mirrored from Ivor Cummins. Please download this essential 2 minute video here – and upload independently…everywhere (fb, insta, twitter embed, LinkedIn embed, YT, everywhere): DOWNLOAD LINK: NOTE: My extensive research and interviewing / video/sound editing and much more does require support – please consider helping if you can with monthly donation to support me […]

Marlies Dekkers in gesprek met Mattias Desmet – Zijn covidcijfers wel zo feitelijk als ze lijken?

Marlies in gesprek met klinisch psycholoog Mattias Desmet over de cijfers omtrent coronabesmettingen, ziekenhuisopnames en (over)sterfte. “Je moet jezelf als ideologisch, subjectief en ethisch wezen durven in vraag stellen.” Sommigen zien deze coronacrisis als een historische kans, zo vertelt Desmet. Dit zou het moment zijn waarop we afstand nemen van de mythes en verhalen, en […]

Vervolg verhoren BPOC met Monique de Veth Konings Psychiater & Jan Vosters Arts maatschappij en gezondheid, bestuursleden Artsen Covid Collectief

Hoorzitting 10 januari – Monique de Veth – Konings – Psychiater & Jan Vosters – Arts maatschappij en gezondheid, beiden bestuurslid van de Stichting Artsen Covid Collectief: Gespiegeld van BPOC: Buiten Parlementaire Onderzoeks Commissie:

C-19 Q&A with Dr. John Ioannidis @ Asia Times

In this Asia Times Webinar Dr. John Ioannidis, a leading scholar on data and the study of scientific (meta)research with a focus on clinical medicine is answering questions about Covid-19 science, Infection Fatality Rate, measurement mistakes and his perspective on the use of Big Data and A.I.. Moderated by AT Editor Uwe Parpart and with […]