Smartphones and Social Media ~ A Mass Surveillance Dystopia – Academy of Ideas

Mirrored from Academy of Ideas, 30-10-2021 (min): Academy of Ideas: Become a Supporting Member, access 57+ membership videos (more added each month) ► (One-Time Donations) ► Bitcoin: 1P6ntukFENP1nvEf4bJNj3tsDEuiSyUFW6 Get the transcript (and a gallery to the art) ► Follow us on Instagram: Podcast: Subscribe to us on Google Podcasts: […]

The Truth About Extinction Rebellion – 5G Awareness

Mirrored from 5GAwareness, 26-4-2019 (18min). Who runs Extinction Rebellion? What is the fourth industrial revolution? What are their goals? What is a climate emergency? What is sustainable development? How is 5G connected with all of the above? Many of the sources from site below plus others which I have sourced which have URLs displayed in […]

UTOPIA ~ Short Film by Kosta Nikas – Omeleto

Utopia by Kosta Nikas | Sci-Fi A man lives in a society where citizens police each other with their mobile phones. Source: Films like this: Mirrored from @yabba:

Rechtsstaat ondermijnd door technocratische bestuurscultuur. Ad Verbrugge met Wim Voermans – De Nieuwe Wereld

Gespiegeld van De Nieuwe Wereld 1-3-2021 (57min): Ad Verbrugge in gesprek met hoogleraar Staats- en bestuursrecht Wim Voermans (universiteit Leiden) over zijn boek ‘Het land moet bestuurd worden’ en de problematiek omtrent de rechtsstaat. “De tegenmacht heeft geen kans meer.” In zijn boek schetst Voermans de politieke en bestuurlijke traditie van Nederland. “We zijn altijd […]

Jorn Lukaszczyk in gesprek met Kees van der Pijl @ The Trueman Show #7

Gespiegeld van Jorn’s Truly, 28-1-2021 (2u43min). In deze zevende aflevering ga ik op bezoek bij Kees van der Pijl. Hij nodigde mij uit in zijn werkkamer in Amsterdam Osdorp. De podcast is opgenomen op 11-01-2021. Kees is politicoloog, schrijver, voormalig Hoogleraar internationale betrekkingen aan de Universiteit van Sussex, academicus aan de Universiteit van Amsterdam en […]

Derrick Broze discusses the Solutions to The Great Reset with Dr. Mercola

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance Network: Dr. Mercola discusses the Solutions to The Great Reset. Derrick Broze interview Dr. Joseph Mercola about The Great Reset, the growth of technocracy, cryptocurrency, Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory and more. Dr. Mercola will be speaking at the upcoming event The Greater Reset Activation. Find out more: Find […]

Opting Out of Technocracy with Derrick Broze @ The Corbett Report

Crucial James Corbett interview with Derrick Broze on 1-31-2020, mirrored from We all know the existential threat that technocracy poses to the human species. So what’s the solution to this problem? Joining us today to discuss this issue is Derrick Broze of who has just published How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State, […]

Patrick M Wood @ The Delingpod on Technocracy and The Great Reset

Mirrored from The Delingpod Channel: Patrick M. Wood has been writing about the New World Order and the terrifying cult of Technocracy for nearly 50 years. In possibly the most important Delingpod ever, Patrick warns about the clear and present threat posed by the Great Reset. He talks about its origins, the threats it poses […]