Dr. Sam Bailey with Jim West on The Toxicology Taboo

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Data-analyse batches bewijzen bedreiging volksgezondheid – Juridisch Covid Journaal met Jeroen Pols en Willem Engel

Bekijk de aflevering van dit Juridisch Covid Journaal met Jeroen Pols en Willem Engel op Weltschmerz: https://cafeweltschmerz.nl/videos/data-analyse-bewijst-dodelijke-opzet-jeroen-pols-en-willem-engel/.

Variation in Toxicity of C-19 Injection Batches – Graig Paardekooper

Mirrored from Graig-Paardekooper, 16-11-2021 (7min). The purpose of this study was to determine if there is any significant variation in batch toxicity – by counting the number of adverse reaction reports associated with each batch number. The number of adverse reactions in each State of the USA caused by each individual batch was also counted. […]