HUGE Anti-Medical Apartheid Protests ALL Across France – NON AU PASSEPORT SANITAIRE!

Enorme demonstraties door heel Frankrijk tegen het vaccinatie paspoort en medische apartheid en voor vrijheid. Mirrored from Tim Truth (6min): Join our leading researchers on to find the best videos from across the censorship-resistant internet platforms like Odysee, Rumble, LBRY, Bitchute & Brighteon. Add me on these great platforms: and to […]

Media Hiding “Vaccine Failure” In Israel, UK, Scotland? Ben Swann – Truth in Media

Mirrored from Ben Swann, 30-7-2021 (6min). The idea being forced on Americans right now is that everyone must be vaccinated, no matter what, even if you’ve already had the virus and are immune. What the media isn’t telling you is that countries like Israel, the UK and Scotland are witnessing massive vaccine failure. VIDEO:,:1 […]

‘We hebben verkeerde verwachtingen van “vaccinatie”.’ Ad Verbrugge in gesprek met Theo Schetters

Gespiegeld van De Nieuwe Wereld, 24-7-2021 (60min). Ad Verbrugge in gesprek met immunoloog en vaccinatie-expert Theo Schetters over de Covid-19 vaccinaties en de zogenaamde ‘variants of concern’…

Sydney – All New C-19 Hospitalizations Involve Injected Individuals Except One…

Mirrored from Yabba (1min):—All-New-COVID-Hospitalizations-Involve-Vaccinated-Individuals-Except-One:d Source:

The Greater Good – Vaccine Documentary (2011)

Mirrored from Debess (84min). https://greatergoodmovie.orgThis award-winning documentary was on Amazon Prime for nearly 4 years but has now been taken down. It was taken down because US Congressman Adam Schiff wrote a letter to several tech giants asking them to censor any vaccine-related material that challenges the official view of federal health agencies. Schiff received […]

Spiro Skouras with Attorney Ana Garner: Lawsuit filed ~ Insider blows Whistle on Coverup

Mirrored from Angel Realm (36min). In this exclusive interview, Spiro is joined by Attorney Ana Garner who is a member of the legal team that recently filed a lawsuit against the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).The lawsuit is focused on the experimental Covid vaccine, the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) and […]

There’s Nothing to See at the Scamlympics – #NewWorldNextWeek

Mirrored from The Corbett Report (24min). This week on the New World Next Week: Soros and Gates team up to buy a Covid company; the Tokyo fraudlympics kick off amid scandal, outrage and resentment; and the Foo Pfizers cancel their vaxxed concert due to Covid. VIDEO: SHOW NOTES AND MP3: