Expositions of 1883 and 1884: Historical Lie and Racism Foundations – Howdie Mickoski

Mirrored from Freedom Now! 13-1-2023 (22min). I post Howdie’s video as an example of the Louisville exhibitions mentioned in his research. REDONE VIDEO various images did not appear in the original upload.Here I look at what were a short mention in my Expositions book, the Fairs of Louisville in 1883 and New Orleans in 1884.These […]

Conversations with Cowan & Friends: Howdie Mickoski

Mirrored from Dr. Tom Cowan, 12-3-2023 (63min). Howdie Mickoski is a researcher who has spent the past decade-plus investigating such subjects as the philosophy and teachings of ancient Egypt, the philosophy and teachings of the Cathars, Gnostics and other historical groups, as well as the works of Carlos Castenada, among others. Howdie has also written […]