Getting Off the Electrical Grid – #SolutionsWatch

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 23-11-2021 (23min). Bob Anderson joins us today to talk about how he went off grid and how he has built up his energy independence. VIDEO: SHOW NOTES AND MP3:

Oregon Bill to BAN Livestock – Stunning War on Farming/Ranching

Mirrored from The Ice Age Farmer, 23-4-2021 (13min). Oregon Bill IP13 would criminalize raising food animals in the state, and reclassify animal husbandry practices as “sexual assault.” The bill specifies that animals can only be eaten after dying of natural causes (at which point, aged/diseased meat is not good). Oregon’s 12,000 beef producers raising about […]

Choosing Chickens – #SolutionsWatch with Jack Spirko

Mirrored from The Corbett Report, 14-3-2021 (39min). Today on #SolutionsWatch James talks to Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast about how to choose the best chicken breed for your back yard or homestead and what such a seemingly simple choice can teach us about the principles of permaculture.

H.S.H. Prince Michael of Liechtenstein – Full Interview – Planet Lockdown

Mirrored from Truth Matters, 1-2-2021: This sit down interview with H.S.H Prince Michael of Liechtenstein discusses the current situation we all find ourselves in and his views on the state of the world and the relationship we have with the state. His full name and title is as follows: H.S.H Prince Michael of Liechtenstein. Executive […]

Green Real 6 – The Permaculture Revolution at Via Organica Ranch

Mirrored from The Conscious Resistance Network: Derrick Broze visits Via Organic Ranch in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajato, Mexico. Find out more about the ranch: Find out more about the Billion Agave Project:

Conversations with Dr. Cowan & Friends – Ep10: Curtis Stone

Mirrored from Hi, everyone. One of my goals for each podcast is to share something that positively changes the lives of my listeners. This week’s interview with “The Urban Farmer,” Curtis Stone, certainly changed my life for the better in that my entire garden plan for next year is completely different from what it […]